Our advantages

Highly qualified and experienced operation/maintenance specialists

Specialists in the treatment of complex industrial wastewaters

Integral management of the water cycle, reducing, recovering and reusing water in several industrial processes.

Open and true behavior with our clients and partners, always with the focus of problem-solving
 We maintain and operate Water Treatment Systems in all economic areas

Our services

Maintenance and operation of WTPs and WWTPs of domestic sewage
Maintenance of intake systems, pipelines, pumping in industry, municipalities and dams
Execution of technical services of repair and remodeling of all types of piping and fluid handling
Maintenance and operation of closed loop water treatment systems, Reverse Osmosis, including the supply of specific chemicals with technical assistance
Maintenance and operation of WTPs and industrial WWTPs
Maintenance and operation of water treatment systems for pools, SPAs, Ornamental Fountain


Maintained facilities

Ways of execution

  • Services for sampling and analysis of drinking water, wastewater and sludge
  • Reagents and consumables necessary for activity
  • Waste management services
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Plans, Operation and Analytical Plans in appropriate software or client’s software (depending on the dimension of the machinery park and contract)
  • Access to Reserved Area for clients with track records of operation and maintenance
  • Services for extra Reports
  • Emergency service team services, when the client needs to ensure maximum response times in cases of malfunctioning and technical assistance
  • Public or Private Clients
  • Engineering Contract Management according to required needs

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