TEKBOX aims at ensuring the satisfaction and expectations of its clients as well as its associates, maintaining itself as a prestigious entity and supplier of quality products.

Therefore, TEKBOX’s management declares its effort and commitment to ensure:

  • The quality of the products delivered continuously satisfy the needs and expectations of internal and external clients.
  • The permanent delivery of good professional practices, according to contract requisites, legislation, regulation and standard applied to the activity
  • Acting on independence, impartiality and integrity
  • Conservation and ongoing improvement of a Management System that complies with the standards: NP EN ISO 9001 “Quality Management Systems: Requisites”
  • Personal satisfaction of associates
  • Ongoing suitable training for all associates
  • Operational means, necessary for the satisfaction of its clients and conservation and improvement of the implemented Management System

In order for this Quality Policy to be effective and adopted in a concerted manner, it is a necessary condition that all personnel related to Tekbox's activities are familiarized with and apply the associated guidelines and procedures in their work.

The policy will be reviewed annually for its suitability and the objectives for its implementation.

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