TEKBOX declares commitment to conduct its activities with total effort and responsibility, in a work environment where safety and well-being are assumed by all associates as essential to perform their corresponding tasks.

The company assumes as mission the health and safety of its associates to avoid incidents, injuries and work-related diseases. Thus, with the aim of allowing its associates to perform their fundamental activities, TEKBOX resorts to ongoing training, information and consultation regarding inherent risks associates with all activities, creating awareness to fulfill safety standards.

To ensure the Health and Safety of all associates in the performance of their activities, TEKBOX commits to:

  • Ensure a healthy and safe work environment for all associates, service providers and visitors.
  • Ensure that all installations and equipment where activity takes place are in appropriate safety, comfort and efficient conditions
  • Provide a constant improving environment, fulfill procedures and standards and with the goal of introducing a regular research culture for new procedures and responsible and safe work methods

TEKBOX is accustomed to dealing with the most demanding systems in several areas of industry where it operates in through its safety team and has internally implemented a safety system according to the current legislation and in line with strict standards of varied clients.

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