A multidisciplinary team of specialized associates in the water treatment market, over the 20 years of company activity. Capable and trained in several economic sectors and types of installation, with the most varied demands.

We have a constant training policy so that all colleagues can know more and do better.

TEKBOX has no fixed hierarchical top-down structures, our execution planning is according to the best manpower resources for each client or installation. We are organized in a matrix structure, rather than a classic organization chart.
TEKBOX’s years of experience

Sum of Experience

Teams of highly qualified and experience engineers in Operation/Maintenance.
Specialized and multidisciplinary engineering: Electrotechnical, Chemical, Mechanical and Sanitary and Environmental
Team of specialists that work as a dual: Automation Programmers, Electricians, Mechanics, Locksmiths, Piping Specialists, Welders, Electromechanics, Plumbers,…
Automation Programmers

Our services

Construction / Installation
We perform electromechanical installations in water systems since 2003
Operation and Maintenance
We maintain and operate Water Treatment Systems in all economic businesses
We carry out engineering projects for the entire water cycle.
Anti-Legionella Plan
Monitoring and control, in order to prevent the appearance of Legionella bacteria.
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