Continuously ensuring the delivery of design, installation, management and maintenance of water systems services, contributing in an honest and direct way for a quality life of the society served and for the preservation of our planet’s most precious asset.


Strengthening and growing our Operation & Maintenance business in water systems, investing in innovation of new services in the national market and growing our Operation & Maintenance services in private and industrial clients on an international scale.

Our values

Water is our planet’s most precious asset, there’s no life without it. Therefore, we protect and care for it, with environmentally sustainable practices.


We value honest behavior with our partners and clients.
We consider our virtue straightforward communication, always with the aim of tackling problems
Being true and sincere is part of the company’s culture

Our services

Construction / Installation
We perform electromechanical installations in water systems since 2003
Operation and Maintenance
We maintain and operate Water Treatment Systems in all economic businesses
We carry out engineering projects for the entire water cycle.
Anti-Legionella Plan
Monitoring and control, in order to prevent the appearance of Legionella bacteria.
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