TEKBOX has an organization capable of responding quickly to the most diverse maintenance requests.

As a very organized production and logistics, we can respond to any private client that needs support in water treatment systems.

In a short period of time, we can carry out analyzes and, based on them, know the needs of water treatment.

At the assembly level, we have a philosophy of pre-installation in the workshop, in order to minimize assembly times at the customer, making us more competitive in terms of price and intervention capacity.

We can also provide support in the management and maintenance of water treatment systems, swimming pools, and small WWTPs, providing technical support at a distance, technical support on site and providing products and consumables.

Objectives we propose

Process, consumption and wastewater quality

Reduced water consumption

Reduction of energy consumption

Main customers

We work in varied sectors

From the most complex and demanding industry to a simple water well for household consumption 


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