• Water Quality Management (Certified Collection and Analysis, Reports)
  • Treatment Processes (Projects for new installations and refurbishments in WWTPs and WWTPs);
  • Licensing and process management with public entities;
  • Maintenance Management, surveys and execution of maintenance plans;
  • Management of water consumption and energy consumption associated with the collection, distribution and treatment processes;
  • Analysis of processes with a view to reusing water, reducing operating costs;

  • Modular maintenance contracts by service level or equipment parks, in close collaboration with the existing exploration and maintenance departments, seeking to respond to the most urgent needs at the lowest possible cost;
  • Global Management and Maintenance of Drinking and Wastewater Catchment, Pumping and Wastewater Treatment Stations;
  • Maintenance of ventilation and deodorization system;
  • Contracts for the rental of pumping and water treatment equipment;

  • Supply and assembly of Water Treatment Systems for human consumption and Industrial Processes (Filtration, Decalcification, Demineralization, Reverse Osmosis, Microfiltration Disinfection, Ozonation);
  • Supply and assembly of Domestic and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems;
  • Supply and assembly of pumping systems for capturing and lifting water;
  • Remodeling of existing facilities, with a view to improving quality and reducing costs;
  • Supply and assembly of dosing equipment;
  • Supply and assembly of water saving and recycling equipment;
  • Automation for consumption management and reduction;

goals we propose


Process, consumption and wastewater quality

Water recycling, taking advantage of all recyclable water in the various stages of production

Reduced water consumption

Reduction of energy consumption

Reduced maintenance costs
Installation of biosludge and oily sludge dewatering system in the Ribeira de Moinhos WWTP – Sines
Design and execution of WTP and WWTP from the OLIVAIS DO SUL mill in Monte do Trigo
Design and Execution of the Tabaqueira WWTP revamping – Albarraque
Installation of the municipal WWTP – Coruche
Design and execution of the TIAGO CABAÇO WINES cellar WWTP – Estremoz
Design and execution of the WWTP from the Herdade do Marmelo mill – Water reclamation for irrigation
Design and construction of the CEPSA Service Areas/Petrol Station WTP and WWTP in Lançada – IC32
Design, production and installation of floodgates and grids for the EDIA – Beringel Basin and Cinco Reis Dam
Revamping of the biogas circuits of the Guia WWTP – solid phase treatment plant – Alcabideche

Main customers

We work in varied sectors

From the most complex and demanding industry to a simple water well for household consumption 


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